The Weeknd - The Hills remix feat. Eminem ( A Virtual Reality Experience)

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Hace 4 años

Presented by Apple Music x GoPro x United Realities x Nabil
GoPro spherical content requires Google Chrome or the ESstream App on Mobile. For mobile, best viewed over wifi with quality changed to 720p. Or with Google Chrome and use AWSD keys or drag your mouse to move around, best viewed in 4k HD
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Taken from the new album Beauty Behind The Madness
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Directed by NABIL for United Realities
Shot 100% on the GoPro HERO camera from
Executive Producers: Larry Jackson, Justin Benoliel, Nabil Elderkin
Production Company: The Swordfight

Alind Koo
Alind Koo Hace 5 horas
Why I’m seeing this just NOW !!?
Samm MARS Hace 22 horas
Even if your pause the video it still moves in the direction you move your device 🤯
Samm MARS Hace 22 horas
Omg this so fucking awesome 😫😱🔥🔥🔥
mrwhoot 11
mrwhoot 11 Hace un día
the algorithms of youtube make no sense...i needed to hear this earlier
wevz. Hace 2 días
Seeing Abel this close 🥺😭💙
ElliottWiththeDub Hace 3 días
Since when did this shit exist
kxrell Hace 4 días
this hitt.
E EU SLA PORRA Hace 7 días
sømシ Hace 7 días
how’s this possible
Valerie Champion
Valerie Champion Hace 7 días
Reminds me of Travis scotts’ fort nite performance
Coffee Wings4552
Coffee Wings4552 Hace 8 días
Thad sick as hell
Candy Cane :D
Candy Cane :D Hace 10 días
Divyansh Negi
Divyansh Negi Hace 11 días
0:25 "Noooo, get in the car" MISSION FAILED
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Hace 18 días
BenjieYT Hace 22 días
Never Knew Of This Tho..
mr cool plays
mr cool plays Hace 24 días
this song reminds me of fortnite chapter 1
Potato_Pup12 I love aphmau
Potato_Pup12 I love aphmau Hace 24 días
Woah this was so Cool!
ABDELGHAN! Hace 28 días
Mo'net LaSha
Mo'net LaSha Hace un mes
Lol I just touched my screen n was like wtf he coming to me yaaasss boo lol
Aaron Cygnus
Aaron Cygnus Hace un mes
Simplemente brutal, no me canso de verlo con el s10+
Travis Nechenje
Travis Nechenje Hace un mes
how the fuck have i never seen this remix
kwanele Ngcobo
kwanele Ngcobo Hace un mes
I have this song and i didnt know it was official
Yung Jaguar
Yung Jaguar Hace un mes
Why did able leave this offline for some years? Tryed to find it last year was nothing on yt like that 🤷🏽‍♂️
Wen Diesel
Wen Diesel Hace un mes
Oh God Eminem talk sounds like nails on a chalkboard when placed side by side with The Weeknd. Bad idea.
Khennie Arnell Bangcong
Khennie Arnell Bangcong Hace un mes
I was today years old🤯
Shempier Melakov
Shempier Melakov Hace un mes
Imagínate estar fumado y ver este video
MARTIN Hace un mes
why recommende after 4 yearssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
VENOM_Koe Hace un mes
If that is a fortnite event that would be hella siiiiiiick
Raythemax Hace un mes
The worst remix of all time
Phenyo Sebolecwe
Phenyo Sebolecwe Hace un mes
This is so trippy and fun. Like you can go into first person or 3rd person 🤯
Cristhian Lozano
Cristhian Lozano Hace un mes
They have to release the official song
Lucky Goraya
Lucky Goraya Hace un mes
Waited for limousine to explode
xunuu munuu
xunuu munuu Hace un mes
I have known now.. Wtf this stuff should be hit
80ake 231
80ake 231 Hace un mes
I love how I can’t fucking swipe the video down
yunkit sain
yunkit sain Hace un mes
wtf, im seeing it now
Germa Montero
Germa Montero Hace un mes
There’s song that doesn’t need a remix the hills is one of them
Joel Wasfy
Joel Wasfy Hace un mes
A pandemic had to happen before that popped up in my recommendations
xoAbdulxo Hace un mes
Great! Now I hate myself for not watching it 4 years ago
Aamir Meer
Aamir Meer Hace un mes
Is there anybody else or just me who tapped on the video of this asshole just because Eminem's featuring?
K4S Hace un mes
Wait wtf I didn’t even know about this video why is it only at 2 mill?
7even Gon
7even Gon Hace un mes
2020 sick anyone here 💞
Surojit Pal
Surojit Pal Hace un mes
Yo I never knew that the weekend actually uploaded this in hisofficial ESstream channel of Eminem's the heels official remix it is dope af....
Kogaan Hace un mes
It's not really a good time to recommend this song right now 👀
Skirt ZZZ
Skirt ZZZ Hace un mes
this shit not should be 1.50 minute only....
Lyrical Myrical
Lyrical Myrical Hace un mes
why 2020 youtube?
Dr. Tarun Rajaratnam
Dr. Tarun Rajaratnam Hace un mes
How far have we come from the Wheel. This is magic, Science is god. Gods magic..
Xan _S3
Xan _S3 Hace un mes
How tf did i just find this now? Bs im upset but fucken glad i got this video to watch 24/7 now
Toxic DJ
Toxic DJ Hace un mes
YOOOOOO hella sick too bad I was 5 years LATE ESstream algorithm on some new level of crack
Rakesh Heliya
Rakesh Heliya Hace un mes
Sammy Co
Sammy Co Hace un mes
Why did i just see this after 4 years...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suhail Nawaz
Suhail Nawaz Hace un mes
Ohhh wowww ESstream aren't you lazy to recommend this wonderful song after 4years??
owais hamid
owais hamid Hace un mes
Has this shit really happened??😂
Andrei Bontas
Andrei Bontas Hace un mes
Me watching Abel watching a burning car in vr at 5 am like 🙄
Lonnie Dotson
Lonnie Dotson Hace un mes
Crazy!!! 👍
Wwe Hamth
Wwe Hamth Hace un mes
Guys remember dirty diana when Michael Jackson opens the door of a limo
Khotso K
Khotso K Hace un mes
Why are music videos that seem so far into the future, a thing of the past?
Khotso K
Khotso K Hace un mes
Is it weird this is something I never knew I knew ? As soon Em's verse came I immediately knew the lyrics but my mind had forgotten this song even existed
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Hace un mes
Everyone that originally watched this in 2015 does not exist because it barely came on everyone’s recommendation in 2020.
Darkstar Hace un mes
Nice video Justin
Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower Hace un mes
I love it thanks