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2020 uwu
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Ok this what I hear after listen to every song at least 120180+ times its more of a reach then anything else :he: CHARACTERS The Weeknd: He's The Weeknd he parties every weekend he is in love with a girl named Valerie and another girl named Drugs, Alcohol and Sex. Valerie: Valerie is a innocent perfect girl at the starting of the story she turns to drugs that The Weeknd introduced her to and honestly regrets ever meeting The Weeknd by the end of the whole tale. Valerie is always a metaphor for the fans. Dirty Diana: Dirty Diana is any stripper, coke addict, ****, or groupie that The Weeknd meets. He meets the first one in The Morning. HOUSE OF BALLOONS Intro: The story starts of with House Of Balloons a story about a girl named Valerie that falls for The Weeknd a guy that isn't really isn't her kinda guy but this tape like all the others with foreshadow the future to come. 1) High For This: Ok so the story begins on a Friday in The Weeknd's loft and he is telling this innocent girl named Valerie that she should hold him tight and don't let anything get in the way of there night. The Weeknd moves on from there and tells Valerie that she should be high with him for this night and that she should roll X with him even though she's never done it. She decides to drop the X he gives her and she starts getting high and she takes off her clothes from the high feeling. Now The Weeknd is telling Valerie to take deep breaths and calm down, there is nothing to worry about he has done this before and he is watching over her. 2) What You Need: Now they are still high from the X and The Weeknd is telling Valerie that she should ** him. The Weeknd says that her boyfriend is who she wants and loves but she is high right now and she is horny so she needs The Weeknd. They start having sex and she is doing freaky stuff she could never imagine doing because she is high on X. 3) House Of Balloons: This song starts off with The Weeknd saying that he has been on a whole new level of happiness since she has gotten here and they need to party now. They go to a party and everyone is doing all kinds of drugs. Valerie is starting to get lost in the music and the atmosphere and she does some drugs and drinks. Now she is getting anxiety from all the drugs she has never done, and she is tweaking badly. Her mind just wants to leave this place but she can't because The Weeknd has her under his spell and keeps telling her that this is a happy house and she is having fun. He also makes a warning that nothing she is doing is his fault and it is not his issue if her parents find out. 4) Glass Table Girls The Party is cooling off and Valerie is still tweaking and she is really trashed. The Weeknd tells her that it is time to roll back to his crib and it's time to bring out the glass tables. She is so gone that she decides to do coke for the first time.. She starts ****in him again and the time hits half past 6 in the morning and then they crash... 5) The Morning It is now the next morning it is Saturday and The Weeknd is explaining that they ****ed like crazy last nite and made the walls shake like they were 6 months pregnant. The both of them are super hung over so they are drinking alcohol with there cereal to try and calm the hangover. Now Valerie calls a cab and leaves back to her boyfriend to spend the weekend with him because the weekend is a time to spend with your loved ones for The Weeknd thats coke, sex and other drugs.. for her its her boyfriend. He now is angry and sad that Valerie left his ass so he goes to a strip club at 4 a clock in the afternoon. He is kinda drunk from the alcohol he drank in the morning and he is drinking more. He begins to throw money at strippers to drowned his pain and he starts to say that he is getting drunker and higher and that the fall will hurt but he needs this downtown lovin. He takes home a Dirty Diana at the end of her shift later that night and.. 6) Wicked Games The Weeknd tells her that he left his thoughts about Valerie back home and he doesn't love her anymore (Which is a joke rofl). He wants to sleep with Dirty Diana and he needs her body and the drugs she has to erase the shame and pain because the girl he fell in love with last night just ****in left his ass. They start ****ing and getting trashed and says he can offer her fame and his love if she just lies and says she loves him for this night because he needs this for his confidence. 7) The Party It is the next morning and it is Sunday The Weeknd wakes up to the sound of Dirty Diana sniffing coke in the bathroom. He tells her that he understands that she needs coke and he is fine with it and she should come outside and put that ** on the table because he loves coke to. He even says they should snort together. Hell she can even call some friends up to join and he can can even supply. 8) The After Party The Weeknd keeps doing lines with her and he feels amazing, everything he touches feels amazing. They head to her place to get more coke and The Weeknd is shocked they made it to her place. He says that all these girls are talking about how she has no love for him and she just wants him from his fame but he just says that none of these girls have ever had a blow job from her (lol). At this point his mother is calling worried about him and he wants her to stop calling because he won't pick up because he is coked up. 9) Coming Down (Letters To Valerie [Part: 1]) He is now coming down off the coke and he is back home... He tells Valerie that he sleept with Dirty Diana but its okay he was fadded and coked up and he forgot about his love for her. He goes on to say that he always wanted her and he is coming down he is off the drugs and all he wants is her. He keeps leaving voicemails on her phone saying that and saying that he just wants to talk he is all alone :( 10) Loft Music (Letters To Valerie [Part: 2]) Now it is late Sunday it the end of the weekend and The Weeknd is telling Valerie that she should roll through the city with him tonight to end the weekend and that it doesn't matter if her going back to him looks like she has lost her morals because in his loft that doesn't matter. He end the voicemail by saying that she is ed for not wanting to go to his loft and he wants to know if she is even thinking about him because he can't get his mind off her. 11) The Knowing Valerie calls The Weeknd back and tells him that she just wants to stay with her boyfriend. He tells her that he knows all about how she doesn't care for him anymore and she should look at what she has done and how she has made him feel. Also the weekend is now over, they both are drunk because they both are hurt from what has happened and he just keeps telling her this is her fault. 12) Twenty Eight This is months after Echoes Of Silence and this is his over view of how it all started House Of Balloons. The Weeknd is looking at the fame and the women and he comes back to Valerie. He says that she isn't truly welcome in his home but when he says that he means in his mind. He continues to say that she isn't welcomed but thoughts of her still stay on his mind. Next he sees that its not her fault she's not even there the thoughts of her are all his own doing. And that he should have never welcomed her into his world. The next verse is about all the DDs one in particular that he gave his number that keeps giving it away to other people. These girls are clearly flooding his mind though and there controlling him like Dirty Diana. (This verse also is talking about how the fans told everyone to listen to his music and now he has more fans then he is personally wanted at first, he is saying why did you guys share all my music I'm becoming to big and I can't get out of the spot light. He also goes onto say that he would never made this music if he knew he couldn't go back to the way it was). Now he goes onto say that he wishes he never picked up these love less groupies. The song is also a double entendre for Coke he is pretty much saying that he should have just left the Coke in the club but it keeps following him into his everyday life because he is so addicted to it. (Video analyzation: He is doing a interview and its show the media and how he doesn't enjoy the media and how it bores him.. All the imagery out side of the media is what going threw his head. The girl on the bed is suppose to be Valerie (she is dressed like she was back in the House Of Balloons days) that can only see him from the outside (the tv) but she is in his mind always haunting him even durning the interview. Know the visuals for the next two verse are simply all the women that he's have **ed and he doesn't really care about them he still only cares about Valerie. He knows all these women are fake and just want him for his status which is why he sits back and just enjoys them for there looks in return but he is still haunted by Valerie. The final scene shows him leaving the studio and walking back to where Valerie is because he wants her back. On a music level this shows that he is leaving behind all the bull ** again and he just wants to put out music for the fans. And like always Valerie represents the OG fans. So when he is being haunted by her he is actually being haunted by the OG fans that want quality music and he knows he would be no where without them.. So he is coming back to us with and he just wanted to make this video to close the chapter and all the media and money that came with it. With a single music video and he is saying that he is going back to the art, the music :D)
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ECHOES OF SILENCE Intro: 21) D.D. It is now 4 months later and this cycle of ***in Valerie every thursday is still going on.. And the song Dirty Diana starts off with a groupie named Dirty Diana begging The Weeknd to *** him on a Thursday. He tells her that he needs to leave and he says that he has been in this spot before and has easily left these girls but something about this girl has him trapped in her hands. He starts to beg her to leave him alone saying "Dirty Diana no let me be". But she says no I want you.. You are coming home with me.. There is no turning back for The Weeknd he has to ** her. So he calls Valerie and asks her to keep the door unlocked because he left his key at home and he will be home later that night.. But Valerie is done with his ** and then starts to argue with him but Dirty Diana just grabs the phone from him and says "he's not coming back, because he's sleeping with me"... at this point Valerie is ****ing done with The Weeknd he broke there promise and she never wants to talk to him again. 22) Montreal (Letters To Valerie [Part: 7]) The song Montreal is the 7th voicemail/love song/love letter to Valerie and the song starts off in French and The Weeknd is saying "Leave the girls alone, One day it’ll be you they will leave, Yes, I cried, but on that day, No, I won’t cry" which practically means that these girls that The Weeknd is ****ing him will always leave him and forget about them so he should leave them (love) alone. Then he says that in the past he cried when these girl would leave him but this time when Valerie left him and in the future he won't cry.. He is cold to women. And then after the french intro The Weeknd says that he wanted Valerie for so long and that she could have gotten more from him. Now he goes on to tell her that there were so many ways this could have gone and there are still tons of ways it can go. Now in the line he says he feels horrible about the whole thing and that he always feels horrible when he doesn't have a girl at home and she could have it all back and be his "lonely star" (reference to what he said in the song lonely star). Now he tell her that she would just be happier if she didn't think this song was about her because then she doesn't have to realize how much he still loves her and that she could still be his lonely star if they just went on. 23) Outside (Letters To Valerie [Part: 8]) Now The Weeknd calls Valerie again and tells her that she should be with him.. and he will do anything to get her back into the zone he will even let her talk about her Ex that she left in House Of Balloons. Now he tells her that she can come over and take off all her clothes and ** him. He will burn all the bad feeling away if they can just ***. Now he continues on and says that he can *** her like pro and she won't wanna go outside when he is done ***ing. Now he goes on and says that he feels so much pain from everything that has happened and he knows that she is hurt to but he says please just *** me we can pretend to love each and "Let's make it seem like we're all we need in the end". Now he says the same thing that she won't wanna go outside when they are done ***ing but... He just keeps saying "Go Outside" at the end because he is asking her to leave her house to go and *** him. 24) XO Now this song changes pace The Weeknd needs to drown his pain from the lose of Valerie. Now he calls up a hoe he knows and tells her that it doesn't matter that she is a mess and that she is filled with regret about always partying. He also says that I doesn't matter that her mom doesn't want her to go he can come and get her and get ****ed with The Weeknd and his crew they do this all the time and they are always ready to go. Now he ends the song by saying just believe in his crew XO they have everything she could ever need. 25) The Host Now she agrees to go and party with XO and the night has flown by and at this point the party is starting to finish up and he tells her that he has a test for her.. because she wouldn't ** him until he was famous so she needs to prove her worth and love to him by....... getting high and gang banging with them :vom: 26) Initiation Now the party is finishing up and there going back to the crib and they get back and they all start getting really coked up and celebrating her initiation into the XO family. She is starting to wonder why she is here and what time it is but The Weeknd just tells her that there are no clocks in initiation and no windows she needs to trust them and ** them. She is starting to tweak from all the coke she is doing and he is just getting her more and more ****ed up and they all start ****ing her and he eats her out and she is now initiated into the OVOXO order and the words OVO XO play the song out because she is one of them.
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THURSDAY Intro: The idea behind Thursday is that The Weeknd is going to try and make a deal with Valerie that he can't keep and that will hurt Valerie. The whole thing will leave them both in love with each other but The Weeknd's love for drugs & sex with other women will make it so he can never stay with her forever and the whole tape will foreshadow the future to come for the young Weeknd. 13) Lonely Star (Letters To Valerie [Part: 3]) Thursday starts off 5 months after House Of Balloons.. The Weeknd is starting to become someone famous. He has seen Valerie's life fall apart and Pain and Regret are her best friends but he could be her new best friend. He tells her that she can have "the cars, the cloths, the sex, the house" because he is rich now and she can be his star. He also tells her that she shouldn't blame him or herself for the mess she's in. She should blame it all on her sins its just human nature. She responded in saying she has one condition, one simple condition and she will live and love him forever, it doesn't matter that he is ***ing other women she will still love him. The condition is that he can't *** any other girls on Thursday no matter what, if he ****s that up she is gone. This is because she knows that she could never get him to herself all the time because he spends his time with his other love Drugs, Alcohol and Sex on the weekend so only being with him on the day before the weekend is the best for the both of them. Also I thought this was cool, this line “promise me i won’t regret you like the tattoos on my skin” is her saying promise me I won't regret letting you have me He responses back in saying I will give you Thursday always and forever I love you Valerie. She responses and says if that is the case I will love you forever. 14) Life Of The Party Now this is The Weeknd's first time out with Valerie since House Of Balloons, he makes a point that he has finally gotten her to cross that line (coke reference double entendre :mindfk:) and that he can relate with her now because she's getting as high as him now.. this line is an example "I'm on cloud 9, baby you're behind, You can follow me" which means he is high as ** and she can follow him to cloud 9 of highness. He also tells her that she is the life of the party when she is out and high. 15) Thursday (Letters To Valerie [Part: 4]) It's Wednesday she calls him crying asking him if they can ** on today, and he says that it isn't Thursday be ready for me tomorrow. 16) The Zone It's Thursday D: he is home and he is sippin lean, Valerie tells him to hurry up and ** her but he tells her to slow down because he doesn't wanna OD and I need to get in my Zone. Also he tells Valerie that he wants to keep his eyes closed because wants to pretend to making love to Dirty Diana in his mind. Now it is a little later and The Weeknd is really ***ed up from the lean and he is ready to *** her but he tells her that he will be a mess in bed but he will make sure to touch her right. Drake spits about a stripper which is kinda off topic but at least it has to do with the Weeknd's subject matter unlike Wiz... 17) The Birds (Part 1) (Letters To Valerie [Part: 5]) In this song The Weeknd tells Valerie not to fall in love with a nigga like him, he is just another bird and he will never be able just to love her. He sees her falling in love for him and tells her to stop he will be cold to her and not love her back. Also he honestly loves her but he loves his other girl... Drugs, Alcohol and Sex more and he is the girl he spends the weekend with and she knows that but she is still falling for him.. 18) The Birds (Part 2) Valerie falls in love with The Weeknd.. and she is begging him to please let her fall out of love before you ** another girl. He is says sorry it is another Friday morning I must go. it is not my day to be with you.. the weekend is calling him it is time for his true love Drugs, Alcohol and Sex. But she goes crazy and falls on the floor begging him not to leave her and says it won't be long till I fall out of love with you can you please wait a lil more. He says sorry I must go, I told you to be careful. Something to note is that the overall themes of the tracks 3-6 is a cycle this happens every single week.. He ****s her on Thursday and the rest of the week he is with other women. 19) Gone In this track he is going home to Valerie to ** her because it is another Thursday but before he goes over there he has a show first so he performs it and afterwards he drops X and sips lean with some other girls. He ends up ***ing them which he isn't suppose to do since it is Thursday but he doesn't really care this overall will foreshadow the future... Anyways he drives home and is saying that he hope he gets there safe cause he is so ****ed up.. When he gets home he starts ****ing her with his clothing on and *** because he doesn't care about her and he is so trashed he couldn't even feel it anyways. But the whole time he is thinking to himself that he is faking it amazingly he examples it best in these lines "I'm numb from the neck down, I'm Sorry, You won't know that I can't feel it, I can win a ****in' Oscar, By the way I ****in' hid it, And you won't ever ****in know, Cuz I won't ever ****in show it" (:laugh: classic ass line bout the Oscar and hiding it) 20) Rolling Stone This song is placed on a Thursday.. The Weeknd is home, Valerie is reviewing what they have and how she got to a point we're The Weeknd is only hers on Thursday. He is looking at his fame and saying that it is truly the only thing he has, he has very little money at this point and no true love. He is living on the rolling stone which is him rolling from women to women. It also mean that he is rolling X and getting stoned :mindfk: He tells Valerie that he still will love her until she leaves him. (This song is obviously talking about the fans to like most his music could be) 21) Heaven Or Las Vegas (Letters To Valerie [Part: 6]) This song is another letter/voicemail to Valerie, The Weeknd tells her that the reason he is ****in all these women like his father was because he grew up without a father, he says that he will thank his dad for her, because without his father leaving he would never be ****in with her lol. The hook is just him saying everyone is looking for heaven and god, but guess what I found heaven its drugs, sex and money so that makes me god because I can show you the way. Then he proves this by saying "I never prayed a moment in my life, Girl I'm rewarded with you" which means that he never prayed to any other gods but he still got her and everything else that makes up his heaven.
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Man xo till we od
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Sounds so amazing at 1.25x but a brilliant song one of his 🤟🏻
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Remember when he was our little secret ?🔥
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I like how there’s an X🖤O at the beginning
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I keep coming back to this song everytime...
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Can you please make more music with French language? Hot af
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I am afraid of his music, he reminds me of all the darkness and sadness in my life, the pain the loneliness and the reality. i try to run away but he just pulls me towards himself, like he wants me to face my demons. when people ask me who is my favourite artist i just name a random rapper but deep down this guy will always mesmerize me and haunt me.
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This song just makes me feel some type of way I just can’t explain... especially in 8D audio. The things I would do to hear this in concert now ✨
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how did he still has his 2020 hair in 2011????
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If you are listening to this song in 2020 i love you.... Montreal hit so hard 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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It's almost weird to hear in sing in English after the French part
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Anyone in 2020 (just reply don't like)
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Now this is what can’t be replicated..the emotions, range, the layers, the story
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Jimmy Hooks those TWO french words drake says tho, he think he did sumn
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She used to melt when i sang the French part ... but where's she now... i guess it was meant for her to be a lonely star
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oui je pleuré, mais c'est jour la, ne je pleurerai pas ^^ im so french I auto correct by joking at the same time lolz
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Listening in quarantine 🤘🏻
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Serge Gainsbourg
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listening with 2020 hindsight... you see what I did there, right? lol.hope you surviving too
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"If I say that I won't call, the lying comes natural to me....But baby I'm a pro at letting go, I love it when they come and go." Damn, if that's not me.//Trying to be brave about it on the outside. Nobody feels the way I feel when I'm alone except Abel. XOTWOD
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A sexual vibe having thoughts mind justifying one way at time, Wondering where heats are at times😙😙
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Whoever dislikes this track clearly Doesn’t have a good taste in music
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2020 and I’m back.... ❤️
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2020 covid_19
Ahmed Zeyad
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2020 covid_19
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He makes emptiness and depression more appealing than joy and love
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I'm here from Juicy J "Know Betta" feat. Wiz Khalifa
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This song reminds me when I get tired and sleepy all the time in my senior year because homework made me overwhelmed and stressed out😰😫😩🥱😴Thank god I graduated last year, and I am blessed that I graduated and I feel stressed😁🙏🏼This lyric in 1:08-1:23 reminds my high school experience I had. I love the beats, vibe, song, and lyric💜💜
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my mom has been rocking the song since the Album came out
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None of his new music compares to this. Although, I like blinding lights.
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4:01 i thought he said "shut up logan paul" lol
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“And it could’ve went so many ways, so many ways it can go Cause’ ain’t nobody feels the way that I feel when I’m alone” These lyrics carry a lot of significance to me
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Who still here 2020?
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Ssup from Montreal!!! Love this song!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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i just realised that the shades he wore in this art is the one hes wearing for after hours
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Still one of the best song by Abel
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second verse just melting me over and over again
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This for the OG Abel fans🔥💯💯💯💯🔥
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This song is very underrated, but one of my favorites!!!!
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It’s been a bad year! Doesn’t mean 2020 can’t still turn up!!!!
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May 24 2020😬😬❤️
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This man is a masterpiece
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the perfect song
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As someone who lives in Montreal, I approve lmao, this is so good 😩
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MrFatsoe thank you!!!🔥🔥🔥
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the great1
the great1 Hace 2 meses
I'm glad Abel has made it, he deserves more people to listen to him, for all the idiots moaning, you can still listen to the old songs, no ones stopping you, I listen to his new stuff and theres some classics there too, but I always come back to his old stuff. I have over 70 songs on my play list, and hope it carries on growing.
Sadrac Amos
Sadrac Amos Hace 2 meses
Who else is from Montreal ?
Mr. Expert
Mr. Expert Hace 3 meses
Sad weekend isn't the same artist as he once was
Mr. Expert
Mr. Expert Hace 2 meses
@Jake Rals` he is yes but before it was different and for me better maybe cause ive been a fan since day 1 i see the difference alot of mainstream fans only see his new music
Jake Rals`
Jake Rals` Hace 2 meses
He's still making great music fym
Jose Juan Jon
Jose Juan Jon Hace 3 meses
Juicy j - know better, Brought me here
Shantay Dennis
Shantay Dennis Hace 3 meses
Listening this song always brings back memories 😭😔💔
xavién Hace 3 meses
Idk today's able I've been a fan since he had 2 videos on his channel When i feel like the weeknd o come back to this type of his art
Anthony King
Anthony King Hace 3 meses
I read thru the comments 3-4 years ago and I wonder if there still real XO fans jamming to this. Dont ever let this able die/ if u still jamm to this I'd die for you
Jade C
Jade C Hace 3 meses
Nobody seems to know, but he is actually covering (or sampling idk maybe somewhere in the middle) Laisse tomber les filles from French singer France Gall and wrote by the great Serge Gainsbourg ;)
Moon Maiden
Moon Maiden Hace 3 meses
He should sing in French in his new songs again I'm pregnant
Ang XO
Ang XO Hace 3 meses
My fave xo song of all time 🙌🏾
Ang XO
Ang XO Hace 3 meses
Quarantine Music 2020
Leo Brown
Leo Brown Hace 3 meses
This was his best song
StopCappin Hace 3 meses
I guess you had no idea that you could've persuaded me...
Star Dust
Star Dust Hace 3 meses
So you’re not gonna credit the original singer which you stole the French lyrics from?
thierry ses
thierry ses Hace 3 meses
Original song: 'Laisse tomber les filles' (1964) by French singer France Gall (1947-2018). Music and lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991).
pimpeex OFFICIAL
pimpeex OFFICIAL Hace 3 meses
Who else is always melting like me when the 2nd verse starts at 2:09🤤🤗
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