The Weeknd - Hurt You feat. Gesaffelstein (Official Audio)

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Hace 2 años

"Hurt You" feat. Gesaffelstein
My Dear Melancholy,
Available now from The Weeknd.
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Roly Otero
Roly Otero Hace 2 horas
@2:35 always come back to this
emad 12
emad 12 Hace 3 horas
i feel sorry the people who really didnt catch this songs vibe
Ímoni Jones
Ímoni Jones Hace 6 horas
Y’all be weird as hell in the comments
Tec Lis
Tec Lis Hace 2 días
funny, many people didn't know about em till 50 shades came out xD
Shika Music
Shika Music Hace 2 días
Maiwand Ahmad
Maiwand Ahmad Hace 4 días
🗽USA/Double Cross/153
Arise 2Write
Arise 2Write Hace 4 días
This ain't song anymore This her life
Dorade Hace 5 días
Bruder ♥️
LDM 613
LDM 613
Lara Melo
Lara Melo Hace 5 días
Voz sexy 😍😍😍😍
MRs. Christine Aquino
MRs. Christine Aquino Hace 6 días
Love this jam
Sanyam Thakur
Sanyam Thakur Hace 7 días
Its not even relatable but I can still relate to it:(
O1NE Hace 7 días
Wild Child
Wild Child Hace 8 días
I love you man your the only person i listen to evry day weekend 24/7
brenda xo
brenda xo Hace 8 días
Rebecca Cruz
Rebecca Cruz Hace 8 días
Ugh this song makes me reminisce on someone lol
StarBoy García
StarBoy García Hace 9 días
Rex Ross
Rex Ross Hace 10 días
As you are part 2
ardiol gjonaj
ardiol gjonaj Hace 10 días
July 2020 and still fire
Claudia Uribe
Claudia Uribe Hace 10 días
Dark and vintage vibes of the 80s at the same time!! love this!!
PaCifika AKA Ezzieboo
PaCifika AKA Ezzieboo Hace 11 días
Able you the king 👑 🔥
BridgeBurnr Hace 11 días
This song is so messy, but I love it!
AYE JAYseries#
AYE JAYseries# Hace 11 días
Trying Driving to this song at night
Valto Dabah
Valto Dabah Hace 11 días
2:19 hits different
Dev Krishan R Purohit
Dev Krishan R Purohit Hace 12 días
1:32 Is such a chill part !!!
This is just Magical 💫
Lunaes Msp
Lunaes Msp Hace 12 días
When this ep* came out I listened to it everyday for a year... now I’m doing it to after hours. No other artist has made such consistently good albums and eps.
MsRashedia32 Hace 12 días
This has a mix from As You Are in the background! Damn Abel I love u.
Fuka chan
Fuka chan Hace 12 días
as much as you listen to it, I am not surprised it is composed and produced by guy-manuel de homem christo. the vibe is ethearal, it is so beautiful Idk anymore
Sophon Chhay
Sophon Chhay Hace 13 días
Who still listening 🎧 this song?
Sophon Chhay
Sophon Chhay Hace 13 días
Love you idol forever always support you ❤️❤️🇰🇭 from Cambodia to you
IQ Videos
IQ Videos Hace 14 días
2030 ? 😁
lilcrxy 420
lilcrxy 420 Hace 14 días
Police alarms 🚨
lilcrxy 420
lilcrxy 420 Hace 14 días
Last part 🔥
Eldon Walters
Eldon Walters Hace 14 días
Beer, 3 am, full blast headphones while you cry yourself to sleep because you know no one is thinking about you.
Jamie Espino
Jamie Espino Hace 14 días
He killed this shit
Owen Foster
Owen Foster Hace 14 días
Who’s still listening to this while thinking about how bad 2020 has been
Alec Walker
Alec Walker Hace 14 días
Who is still listening in 1973
Justin Rdqz
Justin Rdqz Hace 15 días
the best song of 2020 who's listening
Cláudia Ramalho
Cláudia Ramalho Hace 16 días
The weeknd I love yooooou ❤ ❤
hokage Hace 17 días
tbh.. mdm is slept on
Michael A Marriott
Michael A Marriott Hace 17 días
Best song on MDM imo
Marz LLXP Hace 18 días
My dude Abel said I DON'T WaNNa HuRt yOuuuuuuuuu uWu and i felt that shit
Olinebanggang777 Hace 19 días
This song sounds like a black ops 3 theme like The Weeknd would I’ve been a perfect fit
Mar Noriega
Mar Noriega Hace 20 días
Not every love song is the same but this is a great example. Lol
Stuffy_ fet
Stuffy_ fet Hace 21 un día
Thank you for this song
manju pune
manju pune Hace 21 un día
Nice song
Sourodeep Saha
Sourodeep Saha Hace 21 un día
i dont wanna......hachoooo
Christopher Cordova
Christopher Cordova Hace 22 días
Neo Tokyo Music
Taylor Sloop
Taylor Sloop Hace 25 días
This man is the goat
naima sheik
naima sheik Hace 26 días
Kodoku Peez
Kodoku Peez Hace 26 días
Youssef Elkihel
Youssef Elkihel Hace 27 días
I really love this song so much. This is my favorite album because it has nice ass songs, R&B, and alternative R&B. I love R&B and alternative R&B because it makes me go in my feelings and takes me to a different place I never been before. I want to be an R&B and alternative R&B one day, and I been doing song covers on ESstream to become a famous singer one day. It's my dream to collab with The Weeknd one day.
Elif Hace 28 días
all this people commenting under every youtube music video who are just making copy paste from genius and they r getting thousand likes xd
shanoya Gordon
shanoya Gordon Hace 28 días
I can never get tired of this 💗💗💗
Mary Voight
Mary Voight Hace 29 días
MA-WOLF- 200
MA-WOLF- 200 Hace un mes
I don’t want hurt youu 🥺💔
AJ Hace un mes
He tried to release a bad song But ...he failed
zahid saif
zahid saif Hace un mes
Cause of me baby
EDØ Hace un mes
This song produced by guy manuel de homem christo (A.K.A gold Daft punk).You guys are amazing!
Dorade Hace un mes
bestava Hace un mes
The outro kills me everytime
Kali Queen
Kali Queen Hace un mes
Love u abel thank u for blessing me with ur voice and presence. Best day ever
Yahaira Reyes
Yahaira Reyes Hace un mes
I got so lucky that his tour got postponed until 2021, i will be 21, will be able to drink. (in public atleast) Will be sober enough to know whats happening and drunk enough to be CONFIDENT and enjoy the fuck out of it !!!! See you all there :)
Kaala Reeves
Kaala Reeves Hace un mes
Mmmmm 👌
Chris Balboa
Chris Balboa Hace un mes
Fuego 🔥🔥
Esteban Madrid
Esteban Madrid Hace un mes
julio de 2020 ?
Shahrib 434
Shahrib 434 Hace un mes
3:14 perfect moment to cry loudly
Stanley Ang
Stanley Ang Hace un mes
The vocals and instrumental at the end is so damn FIRE
ALIVE and AWAKE Hace un mes
Zohra Khatoon
Zohra Khatoon Hace un mes
Old weeknd music is amazing like if agreed 👌
raquel felix
raquel felix Hace un mes
Nikisha Billiot
Nikisha Billiot Hace un mes
Man how I'd love him singing me to sleep every night!
Youssef Elkihel
Youssef Elkihel Hace un mes
This lyric in 0:46-1:10, when he singing this lyric I'm fuckin' you on sight and I don't wanna hurt you, and that reminds me of when the rain kept stopping and starting when I went on a road trip to Florida with my brother, mom, and dad.
Luca Mvp
Luca Mvp Hace un mes
This is his best album
ALIVE and AWAKE Hace un mes
Yassine Bedraoui
Yassine Bedraoui Hace un mes
2020 baby 🖤🤍
queenOFhearts 1987
queenOFhearts 1987 Hace un mes
His music is a masterpiece.
Chiza Chacha
Chiza Chacha Hace un mes
Omgggg i can't find any bad song of him the greatest 💜💜💜
Sin City Raider
Sin City Raider Hace un mes
Man this song never gets old. This shit is and always will be a dope ass song.
The Related
The Related Hace un mes
Misganaw Lakew
Misganaw Lakew Hace un mes
Weekend stop doing bad Music
Tee Gee
Tee Gee Hace un mes
I can't be the only one that rewinded the first verse cuz it was wild
AliceInWonderlanddd3 Hace un mes
Beyond amazing 💟💜
Baillie Bowden
Baillie Bowden Hace un mes
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant Hace un mes
This hits different when you’re baked AF
mega_SolAce Hace 10 horas
Yeah most things do
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant Hace un mes
sWeEt lAvEnDeR hey honey 😊
sWeEt lAvEnDeR
sWeEt lAvEnDeR Hace un mes
hi queen lana lmaooo
But Did It Feel Good Though?
But Did It Feel Good Though? Hace un mes
Heartbreak SZN
Emese Jasinski
Emese Jasinski Hace un mes
Dani Plays
Dani Plays Hace un mes
Guy (One of the guys from Daft Punk) did a great job writing this song with The Weeknd.
Thatchnamoorthy Nellagapan
Thatchnamoorthy Nellagapan Hace un mes
And now I know relationship's my enemy So stay away from me I'm warning you You try to fill the void with every man you meet 'Cause you're upset with me I'm warning you 'Cause all the nights you slept alone dryin' your eyes And all the nights you thought about takin' your life 'Cause if it's love you want again, don't waste your time But if you call me up, I'm fuckin' you on sight I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you When you're with him, you close your eyes and think of me Just call me up again I'll make you weak Girl, I'll come to put myself between your lips Not between your heart Can't you see? That all the nights you slept alone, dryin' your eyes ('cause of me, baby) And all the nights you thought about takin' your life ('cause of me, baby) If it's love you want again, don't waste your time (don't you waste) But if you call me up, I'm fuckin' you on sight I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you I don't wanna hurt you (ooh) I don't wanna hurt you I don't want I don't want I don't want I don't want I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna, baby I don't, ooh
scorpion deathwish
scorpion deathwish Hace un mes
The beat is 2 sick !!!!!
Reymundo Jimenez
Reymundo Jimenez Hace un mes
3:19 am I the only one who hears the sound from one of the Rugrats episodes where chucky spends the night a Tommy's house and they think Stu is a robot because of his sleep walking??
Eduarda Maciel
Eduarda Maciel Hace un mes
Dicas maravilhosas do dia a dia
Dicas maravilhosas do dia a dia Hace un mes
essa música é minha cara ❤❤😍
Melani Fiorelli
Melani Fiorelli Hace un mes
2020, y me sigue encantando 👏👏👏
MIC Franco
MIC Franco Hace un mes
This whole project is his best project every song is perfect
Hibbs4Prez Hace un mes
This EP deserves the love and devotion that the hardcore base tosses at the inferior Kissland.
Vekipid X90x
Vekipid X90x Hace un mes
2020 🔥
Rhonda Ramsey
Rhonda Ramsey Hace un mes
Cannot get enough
Kaliyah Catwell
Kaliyah Catwell Hace un mes
sounds just like Missed You and I loveeee them both.
Dorade Hace un mes
Sami 😁👍
Ahad Haque
Ahad Haque Hace un mes
I‘m gonna tell my kids that this man carried good music for a whole generation.
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