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ZEKA Hace 22 minutos
Mauricio Vega
Mauricio Vega Hace 2 horas
this shit is such a roller coaster..i go from jamming out to crying at the end and thinking of as well as missing my significant other
Pejur Magok
Pejur Magok Hace 3 horas
my darkest hours
denis Besirovic
denis Besirovic Hace 4 horas
When he said "Cause this house is not a home". I really felt that 5:12
750 Subscribers With 1 Video
750 Subscribers With 1 Video Hace 4 horas
Dear stranger whoever reads this: may your parents live over 100 years ❤️❤️
Andrew O'Reilly
Andrew O'Reilly Hace 6 horas
This will go down as the best track of 2020.
Sharoona Waheed
Sharoona Waheed Hace 6 horas
Xo xo guys
Jonas Jørgensen
Jonas Jørgensen Hace 8 horas
Doctor: you have 6 minutes left to live Me:
_23Nostalgia _
_23Nostalgia _ Hace 15 horas
Abel tesafye makes live to my ears when I listen to him
Jumpingslushy Aj
Jumpingslushy Aj Hace 18 horas
the beggining of the song sounds like The song ''Dancin
Nancy Marcelo
Nancy Marcelo Hace 23 horas
" SPENDIN MONEY 2 compensate!!!!"
Mezdi Saad
Mezdi Saad Hace 23 horas
Song full of memo!
I LOVE him, always been a fan but it seems like he really hurt Bella 😕 They both deserve happiness
Yareli Garcia
Yareli Garcia Hace un día
pov: you get dumped and ur heartbroken so you go out on a late night drive and you hear that song...this is that song:/
Công Đỗ
Công Đỗ Hace un día
bài này quá hay luôn
Gyphed Hace un día
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Hace un día
This album makes us long-time Weeknd fans beyond happy. Perfect blend of old and new styles. Abel is King.
Brandon Diseko
Brandon Diseko Hace un día
You're a real one when you comment on all of the tracks.
epic time
epic time Hace un día
Ik right when u high this song hits
ctfalci Hace un día
Thought was a death metal album. Shit Trap
CodeBlitz Hace un día
You get a 95% energy boost for playing This while having attentive intercourse. Enjoy my friends 🙃
Jamal Akbar
Jamal Akbar Hace un día
Please Weeknd PLEASE give us a good video for this song
Lil' Luce ft. MC Curt
Lil' Luce ft. MC Curt Hace un día
Casey Brittain
Casey Brittain Hace un día
Don't stp
Shainyce Da silva
Shainyce Da silva Hace 2 días
I love after Hours
gabriela becerra
gabriela becerra Hace 2 días
Bilal Munawar
Bilal Munawar Hace 2 días
Fatima Ezzahra
Fatima Ezzahra Hace 2 días
After Hours - The Weeknd (Lyrics) : . Thought I almost died in my dream again (baby, almost died) Fightin' for my life, I couldn't breathe again I'm fallin' in too deep (oh) Without you, don't wanna sleep (fallin' in) 'Cause my heart belongs to you I'll risk it all for you I want you next to me This time, I'll never leave I wanna share babies Protection, we won't need Your body next to me Is just a memory I'm fallin' in too deep, oh Without you, I can't sleep It's on me, all on me, oh Talk to me, without you I can't breathe My darkest hours Girl, I felt so alone inside of this crowded room Different girls on the floor, distracting my thoughts of you I turned into the man I used to be, to be Put myself to sleep Just so I can get closer to you inside my dreams Didn't wanna wake up 'less you were beside me I just wanted to call you and say, and say Oh, baby, where are you now when I need you most? I'd give it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart Never comin' down, uh I was runnin' away from facin' reality Wastin' all of my time on livin' my fantasies Spendin' money to compensate, compensate 'Cause I want you baby I'll be livin' in Heaven when I'm inside of you It was definitely a blessing, wakin' beside you I'll never let you down again, again Oh, baby, where are you now when I need you most? I'd give it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart I said, baby, I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time I won't break your heart, your heart, yeah I know it's all my fault Made you put down your guard I know I made you fall They said you were wrong for me I lied to you, I lied to you, I lied to you (to you) Can't hide the truth, I stayed with her in spite of you You did some things that you regret, still ride for you 'Cause this house is not a home Without my baby, where are you now when I need you most? I gave it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart And I said, baby, I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time I won't break your heart, your heart, no
Deep tho
Deep tho Hace 2 días
My fav songs frm in this album 1:after hours 2: heartless 3:in ur eyes
TUF卍BuLL3T父 Gaming
TUF卍BuLL3T父 Gaming Hace 12 horas
whole album is lit man cant choose LOL
Shefali Singh
Shefali Singh Hace un día
blinding lights and save your tears as well.
max erickson
max erickson Hace 2 días
best song on the album
Alishir Boyukhanli
Alishir Boyukhanli Hace 2 días
vule Hace 2 días
Sample from Magna - Divide here took me 15 minutes to find, it was hell till I figured it out.
Jeni Princy
Jeni Princy Hace 2 días
He always sounds like Michael Jackson to me!💕
Farida Sherif
Farida Sherif Hace 2 días
Crazy how this fam got MJ’s soul it’s fckn amazing 🔥🔥😍
esmael hassen
esmael hassen Hace 2 días
To Honest WHY?
china Perez
china Perez Hace 2 días
99% of people won't see this but for the 1% GOD BLESS YOU🕊
Elias S-Rajah
Elias S-Rajah Hace un día
God bless you aswell!
TCMartin Hace 2 días
Weeknd almost at 20mil pog
Vlad DRK
Vlad DRK Hace 3 días
nice song
Feri Simalakama
Feri Simalakama Hace 3 días
Flacko brought me here
Ochaku '
Ochaku ' Hace 3 días
I came here from an edit 😗✌️
Sagar Sheth
Sagar Sheth Hace 3 días
Lerner Alcala
Lerner Alcala Hace 3 días
sorry x romper your hearttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt rolon
Trouble Bella
Trouble Bella Hace 3 días
this would be so good in euphoria s2
x x
x x Hace 3 días
This is where you say goodbye to you're soulmate...
TUF卍BuLL3T父 Gaming
TUF卍BuLL3T父 Gaming Hace 3 días
Congratulations for 20 million subscribers bro i love you soo much ❤️💙 you are the best singer in the world i can feel the pain in your songs i cant believe your outstanding
Lissy Rivera
Lissy Rivera Hace 3 días
Es la mejor canción del álbum, me encanta, la amo. ❤️✨
Aurorec Hace 3 días
Très très fort
Xclusive._maya Hace 3 días
Wendy Hernandez
Wendy Hernandez Hace 4 días
Fuck with this song feels so good
Que inspiración para componer,es el mejor para mi,me mueve mi alma al cantar todas sus canciones.
mariam ghabri
mariam ghabri Hace 4 días
I love listening to Abel and reading your comments.
SHAHADAT Hace 4 días
Hello everyone.. I'm doing a challenge to make a ESstream channel that hit 5k subscriber without any video.. I will comment on 5k ESstream videos. Hope i will get at least 1 subscriber from every video.. Thanks in advance to you all ;)
hamirsinh kumpavat
hamirsinh kumpavat Hace 4 días
5:20 to 6:01 always tears me up....
Brent - Plays
Brent - Plays Hace 4 días
All the dislikes Don't Have a Life
Vernadanque Jallorina
Vernadanque Jallorina Hace 4 días
i bet he's diagnosed with DID lol
Vernadanque Jallorina
Vernadanque Jallorina Hace 4 días
coz every year he got a new personality
PrimeTime 4 A LifeTime
PrimeTime 4 A LifeTime Hace 4 días
Just opinion
Just opinion Hace 4 días
Every time the same: First listening to other popular songs, old and new ones, then returning to The Weeknd. First thought: Just WOW, that man is soooo playing in another league.
Chris Ford
Chris Ford Hace 5 días
🗣The bass. The vocals. The talent. 💎💎💎
Wipsplash Hace 5 días
Great song but the pic in the video isn't doing it justice.
Aditya Gadde
Aditya Gadde Hace 5 días
Getting high on this song is a hobby for me nowadays
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